SEDMA’s new style

News / April 2014

SEDMA, the Slovak Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Diagnostics in vitro has successfully launched its new website in April 2014. The PMP Group team has created the new concept of graphics and content and the overall redesign of the website, taking the analysis of the previous website and other needs of the association for the basis. Redesign of the logo was part of that.


We have created a new structure and streamlined the design of the webpage for SEDMA. The website has its own Content Management System. A new design of the logo of the association that would represent the regional connection as well as the membership in the European association EDMA better, was part of the design work.


The Slovak Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Diagnostics in vitro SEDMA is an association of leading companies supplying products and solutions for laboratory diagnosis to the slovak market.

What’s new
News October 2019
Our agency's task was to create a new website for LifeFitness in Slovakia that would provide information on furnishing commercial and home fitness…
News October 2019
This year again, our agency supported the 7th edition of the international OpenSlava conference organized by Accenture.
News September 2019
Our agency has again supported the marketing and communications efforts of EY in the prestigious competition EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2019.
News March 2019
Since November 2017 we have opened 4 new concept stores. The grand openings were backed up by online and on-site communication, including guerilla…
News March 2019
Our consultants have built on their experience in internal communications and participated on several internal projects for Volkswagen Slovakia.
News February 2019
Martin Onofrej was honored to took over the prestigious award from Superbrands for building the WEIDER brand.
News February 2019
We are glad that our agency could participate in organizing the successful event AICO Roundtable: Challenges of Internal Communications Through the…
News November 2018
Our agency developed a new concept for retail stores for FIT PLUS and completely covered their project management from design through production to…
News October 2018
OpenSlava 2018 is the 6th edition of one of the largest annual international conferences dedicated to emerging technologies organized by Accenture.…
News September 2018
Our agency 's team has again supported the communications efforts of EY - from the creation of a TV spot, through print and online advertising, PR…
News August 2018
To make all EY recruitment communication channels consistent, we created new career pages for their profile. The visuals are in line with…
News June 2018
The EY Cyber Security Trophy is a unique contest in the areas of information and cyber security and ethical hacking in Slovakia. Our team developed…
News May 2018
For the job portal we created a brand new Accenture career section - designed for the best user experience.
News March 2018
The first quarter of 2018 was marked by internal communication projects.
News December 2017
The c ompetition “GET IN SHAPE“ has been organized by the magazine MUSCLE & FITNESS for all those for whom shaping their body while obtaining proper…
News November 2017
Insurance company DAS is the biggest legal protection insurer in Slovakia with a tradition dating back to 1928. DAS provides legal protection…
News October 2017
Following our key recommendations for strategic marketing, we have created for FIT PLUS a new modern store concept designed for shopping malls.
News October 2017
The Accenture OpenSlava Conference organized has become popular and respected among IT students and professionals from central Europe.
News September 2017
Successful entrepreneurs from Slovakia will join the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 competition.
News June 2017
Kistler, a Swiss technology company, has launched its campaign to build an employer brand for which we have created a main visual and message. The…
News April 2017
Based on the new communication strategy, we have created a webpage for FIT PLUS to refresh and support its loyalty program.
News March 2017
Our team took care of the unique event of internal communication in Bratislava - AICO Roundtable, again.
News March 2017
Kistler is swiftly entering Slovak labour market and we created the career microsite and filled it with content, including videos, produced by our…
News February 2017
We have started providing strategic marketing consulting to FIT PLUS. One of the outcomes is a communication strategy based on new customer…
News January 2017
Jubilee communication of the company features its most contributing professionals in its TV mini spot.
News November 2016
This year, to support Learning & Development devision, we made and produced promo and study materials for events in Rome, Dubai and Amsterdam.
News November 2016
We supported Accenture with the recruitment campaign targeting JAVA and SAP specialists and cooperation on special event - Accenture Digital…
News October 2016
For Yanfeng Automotive Interiors we created and ran the career microsite for CE region and carried out another wave of recruitment communication.
News October 2016
In 2016, we collaborated on the visual coverage of its international IT conference in Bratislava.
News September 2016
This year, the worldwide recognised competition EY Entrepreneur of the Year will take place again. Our agency stays beyond its communication campaign…
News September 2016
The official website of the manufacturing company AJ Metal Design was redesigned by PMP Group.
News August 2016
Our primary expertise includes B2B marketing, professional services marketing, recruitment marketing, and building and developing employers’ brands. …
News June 2016
For Yanfeng Automotive Interiors (YFAI), we created a recruitment campaign for production plants in the Czech Republic.
News April 2016
This year’s communication campaign for Partners Group SK is a follow up to our visual and communication concept “We've taken advice - we've gained…
News March 2016
Given the success of last year’s event “Internal communication from the perspective of the needs and expectations of leaders”, this year we have also…
News March 2016
This year winner has been announced. Our agency prepared communication campaign and branding for the event.
News February 2016
On this occasion, EY conducted an interesting survey "Quo vadis, Czech Republic, or the Czech Republic after 25 years".
News February 2016
Quality internal communication plays an irreplaceable role on whether the employees will be the employer’s ambassadors in the labor market or not.
News February 2016
Our agency created a completely new visual identity including a brand new logo for the IT company uniCORE with "focus" as the key visual element.
News December 2015
The team of our agency once again supported EY Learning & Development division - graphic design and production of educational materials, filming crew…
News October 2015
This year, Accenture was a partner of the Merck Innovation Summit. For this occasion, our agency created a presentation booth for Accenture, along…
News October 2015
Our agency supported the preparation and execution of the third edition of the OpenSlava conference organized by Accenture. OpenSlava is a one-day…
News September 2015
EY has opened the 10th year of the Slovak round of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Our agency prepared the communication campaign including TV spot,…
Articles July 2015
Stratégie 07/2015: Martin Onofrej sums up this year's AICO Grand Prix 2015 and introduces the best projects.
News June 2015
Our client, EY, gave a presentation in the Strategy Hall program at this year's TREND Marketing Summit in Bratislava.
News May 2015
We support PARTNERS GROUP SK and the PARTNERS foundation in their efforts to increase the financial literacy. Our agency prepared and conducted…
News May 2015
Accenture in the Czech Republic is looking for new people to join their team. Our agency supported their recruitment efforts and prepared online and…
News April 2015
Our agency prepared communication refresh for Partners Group SK. This year, we shifted the focus from product communication to recruitment. The new…
News March 2015
Our agency supported EY in organization of the Enterpreneur Of The Year competition and award ceremony. Our marketing support included different…
News February 2015
Our agency supported AICO in organization of a unique event - Internal communication from the perspective and expectations of leaders, as well as in…
News February 2015
We created a recruitment campaign for ING Bank Global Services & Operations. Our agency has come up with a communication concept Boarding Now that…
Articles December 2014
The main function of modern internal communication is to ensure that employees know the goals of the organization and to make them engaged.
News November 2014
The PMP filming crew were once again on the road - we created several videos from Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Spain and the Netherlands for the…
News October 2014
Sebastian Fuller, Senior Consultant of PMP Group, hold a presentation at the Faculty of Commerce of the University of Economics in Bratislava on his…
News September 2014
Our client EY is looking for the 9th EY Entrepreneur of the Year and our agency provides EY with marketing support on this competition - from online…
News June 2014
Our graphic studio has created a concept - “The line of financial literacy” - for our client Partners Group SK. The branded trams with information on…
News June 2014
For our client Partners Group SK and the PARTNERS foundation we created and organized a series of events “Days of financial literacy”. Our agency…
News June 2014
For the Association for Internal Communications - AICO we organized the competiton for the best projects in internal communications - AICO Grand Prix…
News May 2014
In PMP Group, we created storyboards for TV spots for Partners Group SK that are part of the advertising campaign in television and online media.
News April 2014
Our client Sylex has launched a new website designed and created by our web designers from PMP Group. The website is the final activity in the…
News April 2014
In PMP Group, we created a new web for our client Metal Design. We designed the graphic visual as well as the solution for the configuration system.
News April 2014
For the SEDMA association we designed a new website with CMS and new content structure. A new logo for the association was also a part of the graphic…
News March 2014
Stories of real people form the base of a new communication strategy for Partners Group SK created by PMP Group. In the advertising campaign you will…
News March 2014
Our agency cooperated on the project EY Entrepreneur of the Year in the Czech Republic and Slovakia also this year.
Articles March 2014
Zisk: 3/2014 - Interview on HR marketing, employer brand and their role in employee engagement.
News March 2014
In PMP Group, we created a new communication strategy for Ecorec. Our services included graphic design for various print materials as well as video…
Articles January 2014
AICO News: Issue 01/2014 - Modern tools for internal communication provide various data, measurements and feedback. In our hands, we have great tools…
Articles January 2014
AICO News: Issue 01/2014 - Companies need to integrate new tools (including corporate social media) in their lives and their internal communication…
Articles December 2013
AICO News: Issue 03-04/2013 - What is the obstacle in evaluating the return on investments in internal communication? Lack of measuring.
News November 2013
This year our agency established cooperation with the Slovak Ophthalmology Society. Our marketing services included creation of a new communication…
News November 2013
As part of our services for Synlab Slovakia we successfully created and implemented the PR project Healthy Mail.
News November 2013
The team of the PMP Group agency supported the EY Learning & Development program also this year. Our colleagues from graphic studio, production and…
News October 2013
PMP Group in cooperation with the experts in laboratory diagnostics created a TV show for professionals. Our agency provided topics and script and…
News September 2013
PMP Group supported another rebranding of Ernst & Young. The rebranding has brought changes to the name of the brand (from Ernst & Young to EY), new…
News September 2013
The PMP Group agency has won a tender for Synlab Slovakia. The result of the tender was a new communication strategy integrating various marketing…
Articles August 2013
AICO News: Issue 02/2013 - The use of corporate social media in internal communications increases the effectivity of internal processes of the…
News July 2013
The PMP Group agency has created a new communication concept for Roche Diagnostics, including the main idea and coordination of the project.
News July 2013
PMP Group agency intensifies cooperation with their client Sylex. The aim is to update the visual identity of the company to correspond with the new…
News June 2013
For the PARTNERS Foundation we created and implented series of events "Days of Financial Literacy". We provided creative concept, graphic design as…
News April 2013
The PMP Group agency created a vast refresh of corporate visual identity for their client Partners Group SK.
News March 2013
Our team created a new regional communication strategy and brand refresh for the Ecorec group. The aim was to strenghten the brand awareness and its…
News March 2013
The PMP Group agency supported this year again the prestigious contest EY Enterpreneur of the Year.
News February 2013
PMP Group has won the tender for metal design slovakia. We will cover the B2B marketing activities for this company.
News January 2013
The PMP Marketing agency extends by two new divisions - PMP Agency and PMP Consulting. Under the brand of PMP Group we will provide a wider portfolio…
News December 2012
ING Investment Management continues in their educational micro campaign with a series of PR advertorials about savings and investments.
News November 2012
Martin Onofrej of PMP Marketing and AICO talked about the possibilities that the Enterprise Social Media have brought to internal communications.
News November 2012
The video crew of PMP Marketing agency has once again travelled across Europe. For Ernst & Young we prepared various videos for their internal…
News September 2012
Martin Onofrej of PMP Marketing hold a presentation on the New Vision in HR conference. The topic was "Why and in what are the HR and internal…
News September 2012
ING Bank continues in their product campaign for ING Konto. The campaign is focused on online channels - banners and PPC ads.
News September 2012
Partners Group SK continues with their image campaign created by our agency. The campaign uses online and offline channels and is connected with…
News July 2012
Experts on internal communication from PMP Marketing have established a professional association - AICO - The Association for Internal Communications…
News May 2012
Martin Onofrej, director of PMP Marketing a president of AICO, hold a presentation at a conference in Prague. The target was to introduce new tools…
News May 2012
Partners Group SK continue in their corporate campaign "We have taken advice". We have developed the campaign in a way that it creates synergy effect…
News May 2012
In spring we launched a campaign for ING Investment Management built on series of PR advertorials in magazines, newspapers and on slected websites.
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