Articles July 2015
Stratégie 07/2015: Martin Onofrej sums up this year's AICO Grand Prix 2015 and introduces the best projects.
Articles December 2014
The main function of modern internal communication is to ensure that employees know the goals of the organization and to make them engaged.
Articles March 2014
Zisk: 3/2014 - Interview on HR marketing, employer brand and their role in employee engagement.
Articles January 2014
AICO News: Issue 01/2014 - Companies need to integrate new tools (including corporate social media) in their lives and their internal communication in order to become social…
Articles January 2014
AICO News: Issue 01/2014 - Modern tools for internal communication provide various data, measurements and feedback. In our hands, we have great tools for increasing the cmpany’s…
Articles December 2013
AICO News: Issue 03-04/2013 - What is the obstacle in evaluating the return on investments in internal communication? Lack of measuring.
Articles August 2013
AICO News: Issue 02/2013 - The use of corporate social media in internal communications increases the effectivity of internal processes of the company.
News , Articles December 2011
The Slovak Spectator / Investment: 12/2011 - Martin Onofrej writes about how to enter the Slovak labour market, why is the employer brand important and what tools and…
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